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Hotel Mónaco

Monday 14 – Thursday 17 January 2019



€1750 + VAT Per Person

Who Should Attend

These workshops are aimed an industry professionals from across Europe who work within the construction industry.

It provides essential Continuing Professional Development for:

·        Hydrogeologists

·        Geotechnical Engineers

·        Engineering Geologists

·        Temporary Works Engineers

·        Engineering Consultants

·        Project Managers

Workshop at the Groundwater Engineering Academy


Join us for four days of practical workshops where you will learn the fundamentals of groundwater control design and hands-on application of the modelling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport within a groundwater flow field.

Receive complimentary licenses for OGI’s groundwater flow and transport models, CVM10-PRO and GEMOS-LITE. Apply these models to many practical groundwater case studies.

This event is intended for practicing engineers or hydrogeologists who have some existing understanding of groundwater flow basics, and have a desire to increase their design and modelling skills.




DAY 1 – Groundwater Control Design with GEMOS

  • Aquifer Properties – Permeability and Storage
  • Darcy’s Law and the Well Flow Equations.
  • Well Performance – Screen Yield and Ground Yield
  • Multiple Well Analysis using GEMOS (Groundwater Engineering & Management Optimisation Software)
  • Simulate multi-well water table drawdown beneath a shaft

Whenever an excavation is required below the water table there is a high risk that the sides will become unstable or flood unless measures are taken to control the groundwater in the surrounding soil. This seminar and workshop will provide guidance on how a multiple well groundwater control system  can intercept the groundwater to prevent inflow to the excavation.  This will be illustrated using GEMOS-LITE, a tool for simulating multi-well steady state groundwater flow in confined and unconfined aquifers.


Below: Simulating a groundwater control system to enable the lowering of the water table beneath a shaft.

Groundwater Control Modelling in Practice

DAY 2 – Introduction to Numerical Modelling using CVM (Radial Finite Element Model)

  • Numerical Groundwater Modelling Techniques
  • The Groundwater Flow Equation
  • Setting up a Finite Element Model
  • Simulating an Aquifer Pumping Test.

The attendee will use CVM10-LITE to model the pump test. It is a finite element model for transient groundwater flow in confined, unconfined and leaky aquifers. This model enables the user to determine soil parameters such as permeability, storativity and leakage coefficient from aquifer pump and injection tests.


Below: Simulating the results of a pumping test in London Chalk to assess Transmissivity and Storage Coefficient.

Groundwater Control Modelling in Practice 2

DAY 3 – Contaminant Transport
Modelling using CVM

  • Principles of contaminant transport modelling
  • The advection-dispersion equation
  • Modelling contaminant migration in a uniform groundwater flow field
  • Combined groundwater flow and contaminant transport models
  • Illustration of 2D contaminant migration using OGI case studies

DAY 4 – Case Studies using PLAXIS 2D and SEEP/W

  • Demonstration of the application of 2D groundwater flow model SEEP/W and coupled groundwater flow and soil deformation using PLAXIS 2D.  Presentation of a number of OGI case studies, including simulation of:
  • Groundwater flow under a cut-off wall into an open excavation.
  • Pore-pressure relief wells inside an excavation to prevent base heave.
  • Groundwater control around battered excavation to increase soil strength and stability.

Why Attend

·        Learn from experienced professionals in industry

·        Increase your understanding of groundwater control theory and modelling

·        Simulate groundwater control systems

·        Model aquifer pump and injection tests

·        Network with industry professionals


 Each day includes lunch and refreshments, and there will be the opportunity to apply the OGI software to solving engineering problems of your own.


Each attendant is required to bring a Windows laptop PC which has Microsoft Office installed. OGI software will then be installed on your own personal laptop.


Dr Stephen Thomas

Eur Ing Dr Stephen Thomas is a chartered British and European Civil Engineer, and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He is a registered Ground Engineering Adviser (RoGEP), with a first class honours degree in Civil Engineering and MSc from the University of Wales, a Doctorate from Oxford University and MBA from Durham University.  Stephen is also an Honorary Fellow at the Durham University Department of Earth Sciences. Stephen is Managing Director of OGI Groundwater Specialists which he founded 1989. This year celebrates 28 years of continued business, solving groundwater problems in soft ground throughout the UK and overseas.

George French

George French started working at OGI in 2015, soon after graduating from Durham University where he achieved a MSci honours degree in Geoscience. George is an expert in the modelling of complex groundwater control systems, contaminant transport in groundwater flow fields, and coupled groundwater flow and soil deformation problems. He also been involved in the design and development of the latest OGI groundwater modelling products such as CVM10-PRO.


Address: Rua Baptista Severino – Urbanização
Monte da Ria
Phone: +351 289 895 060


Cheap direct flights to Faro are available from a number of UK and European airports.

Hotel Monaco is a 5 minute taxi ride or 40 minute walk from Faro Airport.


Places can be booked using the online booking platform Eventbrite.

ONLY 20 spaces available, so book now to secure your place

€1750 + VAT Per Person


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