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Reinforced Slopes in Saturated Weak Ground at Royton, Manchester (Courtesy of FARRANS Construction)

Join us at the UK’s premier Ground Engineering event, Wednesday 15th February 2017

Presentation by Dr Stephen Thomas FICE CEng RoGEP – Stabilising Steep Slopes in Weak Saturated Ground

OGI’s Technical Director, Dr Stephen Thomas FICE CEng RoGEP is presenting a seminar at Geotex on Wednesday 15th February. The event starts at 08:00 a.m.




Dr Thomas will be demonstrating techniques and systems to stabilise steep slopes in weak saturated ground, together with design processes under Eurocode EC7 to ensure safety codes are fulfilled.

Based on two case studies, this talk is essential for contractors, project managers and anyone involved in site assessment and risk management in saturated weak ground.


Dr Thomas will be speaking about the challenges encountered when designing a steep battered excavation in saturated weak ground for a waste water detention tank in Royton, near Manchester.

Engaged by FARRANS Construction, Dr Thomas and his team at OGI Groundwater Specialists designed safe systems of work that first required dewatering the saturated ground by Alba Dewatering, followed by a system of Platipus Anchors, complete with wick drains, to reinforce the ground to provide extra strength to the steep slopes.

The stabilisation system was installed by FARRANS and their Specialist contractor.  Designed to fulfil Eurocode EC7, the final system specification was sufficiently flexible to work around both natural and man-made obstacles.


Dr Thomas will also present how the system enabled work to progress with the stabilisation system installed as excavation progressed. With design continuing in real time, accounting for ground conditions encountered in practice, exceptionally steep batters could be safely designed. Robust Inspection, Testing & Monitoring systems were also put in place to validate the designs in practice.


To ensure the system was designed to stabilise steep slopes up to 65 degrees from the horizontal, OGI used advanced mathematical modelling techniques using PLAXIS.

Please come along at 08:00 a.m. on Wednesday 15th February – registration for the Geotex event is FREE.



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