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Ground Source heating (along with solar, wind and biomass) is a one of the ways of providing renewable energy for new buildings in the UK.


Most people think that ground source energy involves taking heat from deep beneath the earth to provide high temperature direct heating to the building.


This type of energy is in fact geothermal and is not what is meant by ground source energy.

The heat used in ground source systems comes directly from the sun.


The sun heats up the ground surface and heat is dissipated through the ground.


Ground source collectors, either horizontal pipes laid in trenches or vertical pipes installed in boreholes, pick up this heat what is to most people very low temperature heat, typically starting in the range 10-15°C.


The heat pump compresses a lot of low temperature heat to produce a small amount of high temperature heat which can then be used to heat the building.

Ground Source Energy OGI

Energy 3

For every unit of electricity used to run the heat pump compressor, circulation pumps and other electronics in the heat pump system, the equivalent of four units of heat is can be obtained free of charge from the ground.


In a properly designed sustainable heat pump system, the heat collected and used by the heat pump is replenished indefinitely by heat transfer through the ground.


OGI’s specialist knowledge and experience of the ground, heat transfer and ground water movement mean that we can be trusted to design sustainable ground source heating systems that can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs for large domestic and commercial buildings throughout the UK.

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