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OGI is able to provide detailed Performance Specifications for Clients who wish to include a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system to provide their heating, cooling and domestic hot water.


OGI will take the Clients general annual heating requirements and will determine heat pump and ground collector performance requirements to achieve these requirements.


OGI will then produce a conceptual design covering the type and space available for the ground collectors, glycol requirements, collector ground loop manifold requirements, and plant room equipment, to include heat pump sizing, buffer tank and calorifier sizing, temperature requirements, backup heating system requirements and interface, expansion vessel requirements, instrumentation requirements etc.


From the conceptual design, a full GSHP System Performance Specifications document will be produced, setting out in detail all the essential elements of the system.

Ground Source Energy 1

Above: Schematic showing heating and cooling system boreholes

This document can then be issued to tendering Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Contractors so that the Client can obtain the best price for the fine detail design and installation of the system.  OGI can assist in the selection of the M&E Contractor if required.


OGI is then able to assess the installation and to verify and report back to the Client as to whether the installed system complies with the specification document requirements.

Ground Source Energy 2

Above: Schematic of plant room layout.