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The purpose of construction dewatering is to dry out and stabilise the ground sufficiently to enable excavation and construction to take place in safe conditions, without failure of the ground or failure of the structure.


The techniques used to achieve this are dependent upon: the level to which the water table is to be lowered, the flow volume of the water to be removed, the geology and topography at the site, the site layout and construction programme constraints.

Jetted Wellpoints

Jetted wellpoint suction system installation with some grip drainage.
Submersible Cut Off Drain

Phased submersible pump installation with perimeter cut-off drain.
OGI is committed to providing our Clients with the most cost effective solution available within the specific project constraints.


The sooner OGI is brought into the design process, the greater the potential to design the most efficient way to control and resolve the groundwater issues on the site.


You can be confident that OGI will design dewatering wells and drainage systems with appropriate filtration to produce clean discharge water for disposal.


Clean discharge water has substantial benefits in that OGI’s dewatering systems are sympathetic to the environment, making water discharge consents easier to obtain (where required) and potential for settlement issues affecting nearby structures can be minimised.

Drilled Well Suction System

Drilled wellpoint suction installation.

The following services are offered: