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OGI has more than 25 years of experience in providing groundwater related services to clients and contractors in the United Kingdom. We supply specialist design and consultancy for some of the most challenging natural ground conditions encountered by the construction industry.


Our solutions are delivered using unique specialist design techniques and in-house developed software. The solutions are implemented by an experienced field team within a tight and appropriate Health and Safety framework.


The principle areas of OGI’s work are in the field of Construction Dewatering, Geotechnical Design Services, Computer Modelling and Ground Source Energy.


For more on our services please click on the following links:


Construction Dewatering

Dewatering is necessary where the water table is encountered above or close to the level of the base of an excavation.


OGI design cost effective dewatering and pressure relief systems in even the most challenging of conditions.

Construction Dewatering


Geotechnical Design Services

OGI designs safe and stable steep embankments for deep excavations, even in wet and weak ground conditions, as an alternative to expensive retaining wall structures.

Geotechnical Design


Computing Modelling

OGI uses in-house and commercial computer modelling packages to analyse and simulate many different conditions associated with the ground.

For groundwater modelling problems OGI use CVM10-PRO, GEMOS, Geostudio’s SEEP/W, and PLAXFlow. For geotechncial modeling OGI use Geostudio’s SLOPE/W and PLAXIS.

Computer Modelling

OGI have developed a radial and cartesian finite element groundwater flow model, CVM10. A version of this, CVM10-LITE is available to download now for free.


CVM10 simulates groundwater flow in a confined, unconfined and leaky aquifers, under steady-state and transient conditions. It is simple to use groundwater modelling software.


Ground Source Energy

OGI’s expertise in computer modelling has allowed us to diversify and offer numerous design services associated with ground source energy.

Services include thermal resource assessments, providing ground source heat pump performance specifications, as well as road energy systems.

Ground Source Energy


Seminars and Workshops

On a monthly basis OGI hosts the Groundwater Engineering Academy, a series of Seminars and Workshops aimed at educating professionals within the construction industry.

Seminars and Workshops currently offered by the Groundwater Engineering Academy:

  • Understanding Groundwater Control
  • Stabilising Weak Saturated Earth Embankments
  • Groundwater Modelling In Practice
  • Understanding Ground Source Heat Pumps
Workshop at the Groundwater Engineering Academy