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OGI offers the design of steep battered embankments typically associated with open-cut excavations.


Open-cut excavations often represent a cost effective alternative to expensive retaining structures such as contiguous or secant pile walls.  Robust embankment design often allows both significant cost savings, and reduced programme time required for a project.

OGI undertakes all embankment designs in accordance with Eurocode 7, which are fully design checked (Category 2) and issued with an appropriate Design Certificate.


OGI has considerable experience of designing embankments in challenging ground conditions to safe angles of 45 degrees (1:1) and steeper.


Typically, early involvement from OGI to a project allows the greatest potential cost savings to be achieved.


To maximise potential cost savings, OGI is often engaged at tender stage of projects, forming an integral part of the project design team.

Embankment Design 1

Where a deep excavation is required, in areas where a high groundwater table is present, many designers traditionally select an expensive retaining structure approach such as contiguous or secant pile walls.  OGI has the knowledge and the experience to design an appropriate dewatering system to lower the water table for the excavation, which in turn reduces the pore water pressure, making open-cut embankments a feasible alternative to piling.

Often this approach completely eliminates the requirement for retaining structures, or can be used in combination with localised retaining wall structures or soil anchors to achieve the required embankment stability, enabling considerable cost savings to be achieved.


Open-cut battered excavations can be suitable, even for sites where there are spatial restrictions due to tight site boundaries, or existing structures.  OGI has successfully designed embankments for sites where there are numerous existing structures in place, in applications that range from waste water treatment works to new general hospitals.

Embankment Design
The main part of an embankment design is the slope stability calculations, but there are many other factors which require consideration, and can form part of an embankment design, such as face protection and drainage.


OGI’s embankment design can be combined with soil strengthening measures, such as soil anchors, or localised retaining structures to meet the site specific demands of often complex and changing construction sites.


OGI’s embankment designs are supplied with a comprehensive Inspection, Testing and Monitoring Plan, to guide our Clients site team throughout the excavation works, to enable the embankment to be maintained appropriately.